Versailles 15

I went to Versailles on a Sunday. The rain was drizzling and the air was cold. Few people had ventured to the castle, much less the gardens. I was standing alone in the deserted park. The place was drenched in melancholy and it dawned on me that my surroundings had rarely reflected my state of mind so closely.

Versailles 17

My first time at Versailles, it was just my father and me. To be honest, I wasn’t impressed by the castle and don’t remember much apart from the Hall of Mirrors. To my impatient 12-year-old self, it was just an endless succession of room after old room. What I do remember vividly however was how enthralled my father looked.

Versailles 9

My father was a living history book. I was impressed by his knowledge and as we went back to Versailles together 10 years later, our visit was made so much livelier by all the anecdotes he told me and my mother. I had grown fond of the place myself –Sofia Coppola’s Marie-Antoinette and Stefan Zweig’s biography of the queen probably helped. It was a beautiful day, one where we explored the whole estate and on which I’ve looked back on through photos many times.

Versailles 7

As the years went by, Versailles became a regular meeting place for us between Normandy, where my parents lived, and Paris. We even made a day trip there when I worked in New York City and returned to France for the summer. It was a place where looked forward to seeing each other. We could forget about our daily lives and enjoy each other’s company among the things we loved: beautiful surroundings, art, history and good food. There are memories that make me smile, like the three of us running through the whole crowded castle to make it in time for lunch at Angelina’s before joining a guided tour. And then my mother and I kindly making fun of my father for looking like a kid in a candy store as our guide walked us through the kings’ private rooms.

Versailles 14

The last time I spoke of Versailles to my father, sadness took over for a minute. I thought he was regretting not being able to go there anymore and quickly changed the subject. He passed away from cancer several days later.

Versailles 12

I returned to Versailles with my mother a week after the funeral. It was one of these summer nights with fireworks throughout the gardens. The lit-up castle looked otherworldly and the golden gate stood like an entrance to another world.

Versailles 1

Versailles 20

On my last visit to Versailles, I remembered how friends told me my father would always live in my mind and in my heart. As I walked through the exquisite design exhibition he would have loved, I couldn’t help but think of what objects he would have preferred and what jokes we would have told each other. I realized I was lucky to have this beautiful place close to home where I could remember our time together and promised myself to return on his birthday.

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Versailles 20

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Let’s go back to Versailles, shall we?

Versailles gallery of mirrors

Earlier this week we explored the private apartments of the French Kings and the Royal Opera in Versailles. But these are not the only areas my parents and I visited in this beautiful château: sacred treasures from faraway lands, delightful pastries by Angelina and a run through the Gallery of Mirrors were part of the trip too.


Versailles chapelThe Royal Chapel getting ready for a concert

Upon arriving, we first headed to the temporary exhibition on the treasures of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. A few centuries ago, the royal courts of Europe would present this church in Jerusalem with lavish gifts as it contains the place where Christ was crucified and buried. From seeing the objects on display, you’d think the kings were competing on who would come up with the most extravagant and precious presents. A couple of items like the one below contained a piece of the Holy Cross, which was impressive to me.

Versailles Holy Sepulchre Holy Cross

Versailles Holy Sepulchre robes

Versailles Holy Sepulchre

When exiting the exhibition, we found ourselves on the terrace facing the notorious balcony from which Marie-Antoinette bowed to an angry mob.

Versailles building 2


And decisions, decisions… Where to eat? Why, Angelina of course! We were short on time before our commented visit and you have to go through the whole château to get there so we decided to rush through places like the King and Queen’s bedrooms that usually deserve more than a glance. But you can see them in this post.

I still managed to peek at the gardens à la française

Versailles garden 2

…and to discover a new room, as is the case at every visit of this huge palace. This is a gallery dedicated to the battles won by the French army.

Versailles salle des batailles

It was quite a feat to make our way through the crowd in the narrow galleries. So imagine our excitement when we finally came face to face with this.


Ah Angelina, you never disappoint. And you fueled us up for our lovely tour.


Versailles room detail

Versailles window 2

On our way to the Royal Opera, I came across these two women embracing in a desert room. An encounter that made me smile and think of the heated debate about gay marriage in France …

Versailles women embrace

It was really hard for me to choose pictures of the Royal Opera for my previous post. I loved them all! I’m still in awe of the beauty of the place.

Versailles opera view from stage

Versailles opera balconies

And this brings our visit of Versailles to an end for good. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Versailles gate 2