A guided tour of Versailles with The Paris Guy

A lover of all things history, I was delighted when The Paris Guy invited me to review one of their guided tours in Paris. Obviously, I picked Versailles. The grand palace is dear to my heart and never do I say no to wandering through the magnificent Hall of Mirrors. To be perfectly honest, I … Continue reading A guided tour of Versailles with The Paris Guy


I went to Versailles on a Sunday. The rain was drizzling and the air was cold. Few people had ventured to the castle, much less the gardens. I was standing alone in the deserted park. The place was drenched in melancholy and it dawned on me that my surroundings had rarely reflected my state of … Continue reading Versailles

Let’s go back to Versailles, shall we?

Earlier this week we explored the private apartments of the French Kings and the Royal Opera in Versailles. But these are not the only areas my parents and I visited in this beautiful château: sacred treasures from faraway lands, delightful pastries by Angelina and a run through the Gallery of Mirrors were part of the … Continue reading Let’s go back to Versailles, shall we?

The secrets of Versailles

When planning my parents’ visit last weekend, we decided to spend our Sunday in the royal city of Versailles. Papa Ritournelle had the brilliant idea of signing us up for one of the château’s guided tours. This allowed us to discover the intimate life of the French kings by exploring the private apartments of Louis … Continue reading The secrets of Versailles