Spring invasion at Merci

You might have noticed on Instagram that spring has sprung in Paris. The city is abuzz with blossoms and we are blessed to enjoy warmer temperatures and rays of sunshine. Cult charity store Merci decided to fully embrace this new season with its new monthly theme. Landscapists Les Mauvaises Graines (literally translating to “The Bad … Continue reading Spring invasion at Merci

Pierre Hermé ice cream and new store in Le Marais

The much-loved Pierre Hermé recently opened a new store in the trendy Marais. I wanted to see what the place looked like but above all I needed to have a taste of their new ice cream. The sweltering weather in Paris calls for a little refreshment! Located on a small street (details), this is Pierre … Continue reading Pierre Hermé ice cream and new store in Le Marais

Merci aime Paris

Thursday night, Merci celebrated its new Parisian theme and display. The chic charity store is now full of whimsical books, notebooks, postcards and other merchandise featuring Paris. Eiffel Towers have invaded the space (not that I’m complaining). So here is a little roundup of all the fun little things you can find there right now. … Continue reading Merci aime Paris

Maison Francis Kurkdjian OUD mood collection

I have a thing for niche beauty brands. They are often born from the minds of people so passionate about their idea that they invest all their energy into their project. These brands are the visionaries and creative labs of the beauty industry and do not compromise on quality. I also happen to have a … Continue reading Maison Francis Kurkdjian OUD mood collection