Versailles and Antiquity exhibition at the Palace of Versailles

Versailles Antique Chateau couloir 2 femmes

The Palace of Versailles is holding a temporary exhibition until March 17th, so what better excuse to visit this magical place? Especially since it’s only a quick 40-minute train ride away from Paris. Versailles and Antiquity presents the relationship between the palace and Greek and Roman mythology and history, bringing together over 200 works of art.

Versailles Antique Chateau couloir disque

This is not the most striking exhibition I’ve seen in Versailles compared to the ones dedicated to fashion and contemporary art. Perhaps my lack of knowledge in mythology didn’t allow me to fully appreciate it. However, the sheer beauty of the works of art and the palace was enough to make the trip worth it (and on top of that the visit ended with lunch at Angelina).



Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, beauty and pleasure

Versailles Antique Chateau couloir Diane

The antique sculpture Diana of Versailles was installed by Louis XIV in the Hall of Mirrors. It was then moved to the Louvre during the French Revolution and is back at the Palace for the first time since 1797.

Versailles Antique Chateau Latone

This dramatic sculpture was originally placed at the top of a fountain in the gardens of the Palace. It depicts Latona with her children Diane and Apollo imploring help from their father Jupiter.

Versailles Antique grande salle



Versailles Antique Chateau 2 statues




Versailles Antique Chateau  3 portraits

Versailles Antique Chateau barometre

The great barometer of Louis XV and Louis XVI

Angelina hot chocolate

How the visit ended. I could have made the trip to Versailles just for this hot chocolate.

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