La barre aquatique, the new ballet-based workout in Paris

I have been passionate about ballet for a few years now and am a regular at Paris Opera Ballet shows. Just like you can love music without knowing how to play an instrument, I had never taken a ballet class in my life, until I had the chance to attend one given by a Paris … Continue reading La barre aquatique, the new ballet-based workout in Paris

Octobre on Instagram

October was decidedly a month of transition, with autumn settling in Paris and many changes for me at work. Thankfully I managed to put in some fun in the midst of it all, as you could see on my Instagram @ritournelle__ The first Sunday of the month I spent at Musée d’Orsay. The free entrance … Continue reading Octobre on Instagram

Avril in pictures

May in Paris started off with winter-like temperatures. Looking back at my Instagram pictures of April makes me want to weep at the sight of a sunny city. The arrival of spring made me re-discover the Palais-Royal gardens and Ile Saint-Louis under a different light. It’s a time of the year when rhythms change. People … Continue reading Avril in pictures

Mars in pictures

As March {Mars in French} is coming to an end, here is a little roundup of the month that was in Instagram pictures. (You can find me over at @Ritournelleblog ) The main event in Paris, the one had everyone abuzz, was the arrival of spring. The city had been through a tough time at … Continue reading Mars in pictures