The Louis Vuitton gallery at the Asnières workshops

If you love fashion and luxury, you may have heard of LVMH’s Journées Particulières. For the 3rd time last weekend, the industry leader opened its doors in France and other European countries for us to witness brands’ history and craftsmanship up close. Back in 2013, I visited the Berluti ateliers and the Christian Dior couture … Continue reading The Louis Vuitton gallery at the Asnières workshops

Art and luxury: a necessary relationship?

Last week I attended a conference organized by my school on the relationship between luxury and art. The people around the table included Jennifer Flay, director of the FIAC art fair, and Lorenz Bäumer, a Place Vendôme high-jewelry designer who collaborated with Chanel for nearly 20 years. I found the discussion fascinating as it touched … Continue reading Art and luxury: a necessary relationship?

“Roar!” said Louis Vuitton

I am quite fond of Louis Vuitton windows: they never fail to make me smile with their fantasy and humor. So when wrote that the Champs-Elysées store would unveil its new windows this morning, I decided to go have a look at the dinosaurs.  Their golden hues and the Vuitton pre-fall collection are well-assorted. … Continue reading “Roar!” said Louis Vuitton

New beginnings

It’s been a little over 3 months since I’ve moved back to France. My 2-year contract in New York City ended in October and since I was missing the OId World, I decided to look for a new job in Europe. With no real lead in sight, I did the JFK-Charles de Gaulle trip one … Continue reading New beginnings