Tiffany Bone cuff and glamorous windows

Do you own jewelry that instantly makes you feel more of a woman, more powerful? In my case it’s my Tiffany Bone cuff.

You see, I remember the instant I noticed this bracelet in the pages of French Elle. I was 18 and fell in love with the sculptural design resembling a small modern art piece. To me, it was a statement, the kind of jewelry a Woman wears. I have bought and was gifted other Tiffany jewelry designed by Elsa Peretti since then, but the Bone cuff remained the one I coveted from afar.

And then came Valentine’s Day 2012. I was struck by the advice of my friend Sarah (“Be your own Valentine and treat yourself to something exceptional.”) and remembered this may be my last year living in New York City. So into the 5th Avenue store I marched to satisfy a 10-year-old desire. My Bone cuff has since become a regular on my wrist. All heavy silver and curvy lines, it gives me a feeling of strength and instantly classes up the most basic look. It’s almost like jewelry for superheroes. Almost.

I leave you with these sublime Tiffany 5th Avenue store windows on which Rachel Zoe collaborated. Each is dedicated to a decade and features a comment from the stylist. So glamorous, I die.

The 1940s were about romance, getting lost in film, the cultures, characters and of course the fashion!

Red carpet decadence of the 1950s is such an inspiration. This was the era when movie stars were born.

The 1960s were all about excess and imagination – and what better way to showcase that style than with a brooch from Elizabeth Taylor’s incredible collection.

The 1970s represent effortless glamour. It’s the era of my favorite style icons.

Which window is your favorite, dear readers?