La barre aquatique, the new ballet-based workout in Paris

I have been passionate about ballet for a few years now and am a regular at Paris Opera Ballet shows. Just like you can love music without knowing how to play an instrument, I had never taken a ballet class in my life, until I had the chance to attend one given by a Paris … Continue reading La barre aquatique, the new ballet-based workout in Paris

Février on Instagram

I can not believe that yet another month has passed. And maybe I should say another season has passed too: the flowers in the Champ de Mars are blooming at the feet of the Eiffel Tower, much to the delight of Parisians and tourists. The temperatures have also been mild enough at times to enjoy … Continue reading Février on Instagram

Avril in pictures

May in Paris started off with winter-like temperatures. Looking back at my Instagram pictures of April makes me want to weep at the sight of a sunny city. The arrival of spring made me re-discover the Palais-Royal gardens and Ile Saint-Louis under a different light. It’s a time of the year when rhythms change. People … Continue reading Avril in pictures

My weekend in Paris

Maman Ritournelle came to visit me in Paris last weekend. I owe my passion for art, dining and fine things to her so these 2 days were a succession of delights in her company. We started by lunch at Angelina. As I could see on my Instagram comments, people have a truly affectionate relationship with … Continue reading My weekend in Paris