Christmas Afternoon tea at L’Hôtel

With the holidays fast approaching, it is the perfect moment of the year to meet up with friends. Free time abounds after hectic weeks at work, the atmosphere is festive and I feel the need to catch up with my loved ones before we meet again after the New Year. What better occasion to celebrate … Continue reading Christmas Afternoon tea at L’Hôtel

Life in Paris between Autumn and Christmas

There’s a peculiar timing between autumn and Christmastime. We are just leaving a season with golden feisty hues, only to realize that winter has crept in with icy temperatures and desolate bare branches. At the same time, cheery Christmas lights are being hung up in the streets and shops, announcing merry holidays to come. My … Continue reading Life in Paris between Autumn and Christmas

Afternoon Tea at the George V in Paris

A few summers ago, I ventured inside the George V in Paris out of curiosity. I marveled at Jeff Leatham’s sophisticated floral compositions in the lobby and courtyard, and the atmosphere in La Galerie embodied refined elegance to the point that a feeling of timelessness and calm remained in my memory. My friend Solli was recently invited … Continue reading Afternoon Tea at the George V in Paris