Champagne, pastries and tea at Plaza Athénée

My friend Milla and I have a tradition. We’ve only done it three times but the experience is so enjoyable we know it will be repeated. Whenever she takes the Eurostar (she’s British) to spend a few glorious days in Paris, I meet her at the Plaza Athénée on avenue Montaigne. And off we go … Continue reading Champagne, pastries and tea at Plaza Athénée

Where is spring in Paris?

Where is spring in Paris? I am asking this as cold rain is pouring on the first day of May. The weather of the past few days makes you hesitant to shed your winter coat. It even snowed in France last week. So how can we make sure spring is present in our everyday lives … Continue reading Where is spring in Paris?

My weekend in Paris

Maman Ritournelle came to visit me in Paris last weekend. I owe my passion for art, dining and fine things to her so these 2 days were a succession of delights in her company. We started by lunch at Angelina. As I could see on my Instagram comments, people have a truly affectionate relationship with … Continue reading My weekend in Paris

New beginnings

It’s been a little over 3 months since I’ve moved back to France. My 2-year contract in New York City ended in October and since I was missing the OId World, I decided to look for a new job in Europe. With no real lead in sight, I did the JFK-Charles de Gaulle trip one … Continue reading New beginnings