Life in Paris between Autumn and Christmas

There’s a peculiar timing between autumn and Christmastime. We are just leaving a season with golden feisty hues, only to realize that winter has crept in with icy temperatures and desolate bare branches. At the same time, cheery Christmas lights are being hung up in the streets and shops, announcing merry holidays to come. My … Continue reading Life in Paris between Autumn and Christmas

Octobre on Instagram

October was decidedly a month of transition, with autumn settling in Paris and many changes for me at work. Thankfully I managed to put in some fun in the midst of it all, as you could see on my Instagram @ritournelle__ The first Sunday of the month I spent at Musée d’Orsay. The free entrance … Continue reading Octobre on Instagram

Février on Instagram

I can not believe that yet another month has passed. And maybe I should say another season has passed too: the flowers in the Champ de Mars are blooming at the feet of the Eiffel Tower, much to the delight of Parisians and tourists. The temperatures have also been mild enough at times to enjoy … Continue reading Février on Instagram

Juillet on Instagram

The highlight of my month of July was definitely the Bastille Day fireworks. I had the chance to view them from the Trocadero with a perfect view of the Eiffel Tower. (It was a prize I won from a contest organized by the City of Paris on their Instagram.) It was a magical and emotional … Continue reading Juillet on Instagram