Cashmere in summer

Before a sweltering heat took over Paris, a rather chilly summer lingered in the city. This episode seems rather distant now, doesn’t it? Wrapped in cashmere, I would brave the winds and rain, taking comfort in the soft and warm fabric. It’s interesting how the touch of clothing can soothe your mind. In my case, … Continue reading Cashmere in summer

Soirée à Paris

This Petit Bateau sweater has become the item I wear the most. Among the children’s clothes, cotton T-shirts and panties of this beloved French brand, you can occasionally find stylish gems like this one. (And it’s now on sale!) I usually wear this top with dark skinny jeans whenever I eat out with friends or … Continue reading Soirée à Paris

The ballerina dilemna

I love ballerinas. I really do. Their grace, strength and dedication to their art never fail to touch me. I am too much of a bad dancer to even dream of becoming one so I will be content with the type of ballerinas that you can wear on your feet. I have bought these black … Continue reading The ballerina dilemna

Where is spring in Paris?

Where is spring in Paris? I am asking this as cold rain is pouring on the first day of May. The weather of the past few days makes you hesitant to shed your winter coat. It even snowed in France last week. So how can we make sure spring is present in our everyday lives … Continue reading Where is spring in Paris?