The Chaumet salons on place Vendôme

Before visiting the Louis Vuitton workshop, I had the chance to spend time in the Chaumet salons. Located on iconic place Vendôme across from the Ritz, they were exceptionally open to the public for LVMH’s Journées Particulières. The place represents the high-jewlery brand well: it is as exquisite, refined and full of history. Avant de … Continue reading The Chaumet salons on place Vendôme

The Louis Vuitton gallery at the Asnières workshops

If you love fashion and luxury, you may have heard of LVMH’s Journées Particulières. For the 3rd time last weekend, the industry leader opened its doors in France and other European countries for us to witness brands’ history and craftsmanship up close. Back in 2013, I visited the Berluti ateliers and the Christian Dior couture … Continue reading The Louis Vuitton gallery at the Asnières workshops

Moving to Montmartre

I realize I have been MIA from this blog for far too long but I have an unexpected move to blame for my absence and the break in my routine. It all started with an intense search for the perfect apartment (well, at least a decent one which would fall within my budget). As some … Continue reading Moving to Montmartre

Février on Instagram

I can not believe that yet another month has passed. And maybe I should say another season has passed too: the flowers in the Champ de Mars are blooming at the feet of the Eiffel Tower, much to the delight of Parisians and tourists. The temperatures have also been mild enough at times to enjoy … Continue reading Février on Instagram