The Little Black Dress gets its own exhibition in Paris

Little Black Dress room 1

Along with La Mécanique des Dessous, Little Black Dress is the other fashion exhibition not to miss in Paris this summer. Curated by Vogue USA contributing editor André Leon Talley, 50 LBDs by prestigious designers highlight the versatility and elegance of the legendary garment. This exhibition was a very pleasant surprise: I loved to observe all the dresses up close and wondered at the different expressions of the designers’ styles. Here are a few of my favorite LBDs. Which one do you like best?

Avec La Mécanique des Dessous, Little Black Dress est l’autre expo mode à ne pas manquer cet été à Paris. 50 petites robes noires sélectionnées par le journaliste américain André Leon Talley de Vogue mettent en valeur les différentes facettes et l’élégance de cet habit mythique. Cette expo fut une très belle surprise : j’ai aimé observer de près tous ces modèles et les différences de styles entre créateurs. Voici une petite sélection de mes robes préférées. Laquelle aimez-vous le plus ?

Little Black Dress Chanel

The exhibition starts with a Chanel little black couture dress presented as a precious work of art. At a time when black dresses were worn by widows only, Coco introduced the LBD as a must-have for women with an American Vogue publication in 1926.

L’expo commence par une petite robe noire haute-couture de Chanel, présentée comme une œuvre d’art. C’est Coco Chanel qui a introduit cet habit dans la garde-robe des femmes par une publication dans le Vogue Américain en 1926, à une époque où cet habit n’était porté que par les veuves.

Little Black Dress Balenciaga Zac Posen Proenza SchoulerBalenciaga – Zac Posen – Proenza Schouler

Little Black Dress BalenciagaBalenciaga

Little Black Dress Prada Marc JacobsPrada – Marc Jacobs

Little Black Dress room 2 2

Little Black Dress Pierre Cardin RodarteForeground: Pierre Cardin – Rodarte

Little Black Dress YSL Stella McCartneyForeground: Yves Saint-Laurent – Stella McCartney

Little Black Dress Givenchy detail 2

Little Black Dress Givenchy detail 1Givenchy

Little Black Dress Lwren ScottL’Wren Scott

Little Black Dress Tom FordTom Ford

Little Black Dress room 2 3Madame Grès – John Galliano – Chanel – Fortuny

Little Black Dress AlaiaAzzedine Alaia

Little Black Dress ValentinoValentino

Little Black Dress Chanel gown

Little Black Dress Chanel suitChanel gown and suit

Little Black Dress ValliGiambattista Valli (right)

Little Black Dress Chanel Oscar de la RentaChanel – Oscar de la Renta

Little Black Dress is on view at the Mona Bismark Americain Center for Art and Culture until September 22nd. Don’t miss it if you’re in Paris!

Little Black Dress est exposé au Mona Bismark Americain Center for Art and Culture jusqu’au 22 septembre. A ne pas manquer !

9 thoughts on “The Little Black Dress gets its own exhibition in Paris

  1. Thank you for this post as I am on the other side of the world in Australia and won’t have the chance to see this in person.
    What a beautiful exhibition, I particularly appreciate seeing the L’Wren Scott number as I’ve been trying to track down images from her first collection which I understand consisted of a series of chic LBDs?

    I published my first book earlier this year showing 52 different ways to style a LBD for the office and thought it a lovely co-incidence when Leon Talley’s book came out the month after. Goes to show that great minds love LBDs? ;)

    Thanks again xx

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! I created my blog to share events in Paris with people living far away so I’m glad you enjoyed this “visit”.
      Great minds do love LBDs and I love the idea you had for your book.

  2. I love the Tom Ford number, and the Giambattista Valli one as well (assuming you’d wearing something underneath of it!). I’m not a particularly daring dresser, so I think in reality I’d go with something like the first Chanel. Simple and timeless (and not see through, haha).

  3. One simply cannot go wrong with a little black dress, Some may think it’s boring but to me, it will always be a classic and my go to ensemble.

    The L’Wren Scott piece screams femininity as does the Tom Ford. Hopefully when the exhibition ends they’ll both arrive at my house. :-)

    1. Funny, I never saw the little black dress as boring. I love that it enhances the woman who wears it instead of having the dress being the center of attention.

  4. Ah ah ! Quel dilemme ! J’hésite entre L’Wren Scott et la Balenciaga au beau décolleté dans le dos. Même si la Tom Ford brodée a l’air de faire beaucoup d’effet ! Merci pour cette revue d’exposition ! Innervée.

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