Miami Beach

Palm trees beach

Art Basel taking place earlier this month reminded me of my trip to Miami last summer. It was probably the first vacation where all I did was relax instead of running around to catch as many notable sights as I could. Most of my time was dedicated to lounging on the beach, driving around with beautiful landscapes in view and gorging on local food in excellent company.

Miami Art Deco Ocean Drive

The first thing I saw of Miami from the plane was palm trees. I remember being so excited as they’re the sign that you’re about to land in a warm exotic place.

Miami South Beach cabin

I’m usually not a big beach person despite growing up on the seaside, but give me warm clear water with sun and I’ll spend my days there.

Miami Art Deco Carlyle

We did however take in the Art Deco architecture on Ocean Drive with its many hotels.

Miami Art Deco 3 hotels

Miami Art Deco Avalon

Miami Art Deco Breakwater

Miami Art Deco Colony

Miami Art Deco Crescent

Along the way we came across Gianni Versace’s former mansion in front of which the designer tragically died.

Versace Mansion Miami

If you feel like shopping, The Webster is the place to go. Run by a French woman, The Webster is Miami’s version of Colette or Liberty.

The Webster

The Webster inside 1

The Webster inside 2

Another French-run place my friends and I were fonder of was La Sandwicherie. It’s the perfect spot to indulge in big sandwiches and delicious natural smoothies before hitting the beach.

La Sandwicherie

Other restaurants we enjoyed include Loews Hotel for their amazing breakfast buffet, the Italians Quattro and Bianca (at the Delano Hotel) and Icebox Café for its desserts. (Nobu was a bit of a disappointment.)

Speaking of the Delano Hotel, we loved the outdoor bar where you can lounge on giant pillows or in your own little tent around the shallow pool. And the cocktails are great too, which doesn’t hurt.

Delano Hotel

If you fly to Miami, do spend an extra 2 or 3 days in the Keys. The drive itself is a pleasure with beautiful landscapes and excellent restaurants along the way, like the Butterfly Café in the gorgeous Tranquility Bay Resort where we stayed. Breakfasting on sweet crêpes at the French-run Banana Café in Key West and dining at Marker 88 with the sun setting on the ocean were quite an experience too.

Sunset on the Keys

Snorkeling in Bahia Honda State Park was probably the highlight of my trip. It was exhilarating to observe the coral and tropical fish so up close.

Bahia Honda State Park Bridge

Anne's Beach

For shorter day trips, head to Key Biscayne. Once there, you can climb the stairs to the top of the lighthouse and take in the beautiful view before hitting the beach.

Key Biscayne beach

Key Biscayne Water

Are there any similar trips you would recommend me for next summer?

7 thoughts on “Miami Beach

  1. Lovely photos Anne and so glad to hear you had such a fun time. You know, my personal favourite for relaxing is St. John! Husband and I rent a house, a jeep, and do nothing but hit the beach, snorkel, and explore the island. It is pure heaven. There are a lot of large houses you could rent with multiple people.

    Joyeux Noel!

  2. Lovely photos! The Delano is one of my favorite South Beach hotels. I probably stick out like a sore thumb in Miami but I love hanging out by the pool and all the Art Deco architecture. I also love Saint Kitts and Nevis & St Barths. We just got back from sailing there- so relaxing and fun.

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