How to select a signature scent: guest post on Quite Continental

I work in the beauty industry and it’s one of my biggest passions. I tweet a lot but rarely blog on the subject, probably because I enjoy learning about new things out of the office. But it is with great pleasure that I wrote a post on fragrance for my friend Mariah’s blog, Quite Continental. To read it, click right here!

Je travaille avec des marques de beauté et c’est une passion. Je tweet beaucoup mais blogue peu à ce sujet, sans doute pour que Ritournelle reste une échappatoire à mon quotidien. Mais c’est avec grand plaisir que j’ai écrit un article sur les parfums pour le blog de mon amie Mariah, Quite Continental. Pour le lire, cliquez ici !

4 thoughts on “How to select a signature scent: guest post on Quite Continental

  1. I love this post Anne! Like you, I couldn’t imagine having a wardrobe of clothes and accessories, yet neglecting fragrance. I have a fragrance wardrobe of scents I love, and vary these depending on the season/weather (I want an entirely different scent on a sunny summer’s day to that of a cold, grey winter), my mood, the event and what I’m wearing.

    I’m definitely more the Petite Cherie girl (that’s actually one of my *favourite* scents, particularly in Summer, and evokes such happy memories of my home city in Australia and of my first visit to Paris), prefering light, sweet florals (gardenia or orange blossom or jasmine), but sometimes I love to suprise myself (and others) with something a little more sensual and grown up (Margiela’s Untitled or Diptyque’s L’Ombre dans L’Eau, for example)

    1. So funny! I love Margiela and L’Ombre dans l’Eau too, with their watery green notes. Have you ever tried Chanel N19? It’s pretty similar. And love Petite Chérie too (though I wouldn’t wear it); Annick Goutal is such a beautiful brand.

  2. This was a lovely post. Sometimes I feel my tastes are quite unrefined – I still seem to prefer the sweet scents I hold on to from when I was younger. I need to develop my adults tastes. Let’s go perfume hunting!

    1. Sweet scents are usually linked to a younger target starting its education in fragrance, but if it’s it what you are drawn to, go for it! There are wonderful perfumes in that category. Would love to help you out on this hunt!

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