Christmas in New York: Bergdorf Goodman windows

My dear readers, I wish you all a very happy 2012, filled with fun, success and wonderful discoveries! To celebrate, here is a little gem from New York City. Remember the Bergdorf Goodman windows I posted here (Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty) and here (Christmas 2010)? Once again, David Hoey and his team have worked their magic with refined fairy tale images overflowing with details. No wonder passers-by old and young stop in their tracks to marvel at them (making the photographer that I am quite impatient!) The theme for this year? The Carnival of the Animals, a reference to the musical suite by French composer Camille Saint-Saëns.

The fun begins in a shiny cabaret with monkeys, parrots, tortoises and lions making up the Brass Menagerie. The Bergdorf Goodman team used sculptures from the 1970s and a dress designed exclusively by Michelle Obama-favorite Naeem Kahn to create this window.

Let’s leave the dazzling heat of the club for the North Pole garden party, one of my favorite windows.

This window is typically overflowing with details so that the eye always finds something new to feast itself upon. For example, it is only when I bent down that I discovered this servant monkey in the back.

Bubbly, tea, cakes and polar bears (my childhood obsession): what’s not to love?

After cracking the ice, let’s dive into the deep end and admire the mosaics of this Aquarium window. It reminds me of the musical piece of the same name from The Carnival of Animals.

My other favorite window, entirely in shades of black and white apart from the bold red lips and nails of the glamorous teacher.  300 different sheets of paper were necessary for the creation of this class.

And lastly, a mad joiner’s workshop.

Not as spectacular but nonetheless beautiful, the windows on 57th and 58th Streets invited us to a fancy gala and to a mysterious photography session.

You can view better quality pictures on the Bergdorf Goodman blog.

So this was in my opinion the most memorable holiday decoration in New York this year. What did you enjoy in your own city in terms of Christmas decorations?

Mes chers lecteurs, je vous souhaite une excellente année 2012 en espérant qu’elle a bien démarré ! Pour célébrer, voici une petite merveille de New York. Bergdorf Goodman, ça vous dit quelque chose ? Vous avez déjà admiré les vitrines de ce grand magasin de la Fifth Avenue sur mon blog ici (Alexander McQueen Savage Beauty) et ici (Noël 2010). Une fois de plus, le magicien David Hoey et son équipe ont créé des mises en scènes féeriques foisonnantes de détails qui émerveillent petits et grands. Le thème de cette année ? Le carnaval des animaux, clin d’œil à la suite musicale de Camille Saint-Saëns.

L’aventure commence avec  la ménagerie de cuivre dans son cabaret jazz tout d’or et de plumes vêtu. L’équipe de Bergdorf Goofman a utilisé pour cette mise en scène des oiseaux des tropiques en métal créés dans les années 1970.

Passons de la chaleur langoureuse au froid polaire avec la « North Pole Garden Party », l’une de mes mises en scène préférées. Comme ses voisines, cette vitrine est remplie à bloc de détails à tel point qu’on n’a jamais fini d’être surpris. Par exemple, c’est seulement en étant accroupie que j’ai découvert ce singe pâtissier en arrière-plan. Du champagne, du thé et des gâteaux: que demander de mieux?

De l’eau solidifié, passons aux fonds aquatiques avec une mise en scène toute en mosaïques qui me rappelle l’Aquarium du Carnaval des Animaux.

Mon autre vitrine préférée, entièrement en noir, blanc et gris mis à part les lèvres et ongles rouges de l’institutrice. 300 morceaux de papier différents ont été nécessaires à la création de cette classe d’animaux.

Enfin, dernière vitrine sur la 5ème Avenue, un atelier de menuiserie fou.

Moins spectaculaires mais tout aussi soignées, les vitrines des 57ème et 58ème Rues dévoilaient un gala d’équitation et des belles se faisant tirer le portrait.

Vous pouvez voir des photos de meilleure qualité sur le blog de Bergdorf Goodman. Voici mon coup de cœur parmi les décorations de Noël de ma ville. Et dans la votre, qu’est-ce qui vous a touché ?

16 thoughts on “Christmas in New York: Bergdorf Goodman windows

  1. Hi Anne! I wish you a marvelous 2012! And thanks to bring us this last edition of Bergdorf Goodman windows. Can we imagine all the steps that were involved in the whole creative process of such visual masterpieces?

    Take the decision about which scenario is the most impressive isn’t an easy task… But, as you stated, North Pole garden is a favorite for sure. The woman character in the garden immediately resembled to me a modern representation of “Snegurochka” (Снегу́рочка), or “Snow Maiden”, from a Russian fairy tale.

    Ah, the pictures you took (after facing the crowd in front of windows) are very beautiful. Congratulations! ;-)


    1. Thanks for your comment Flavio!
      Did you know that the Bergdorf Goodman team in charge of the windows dedicates 60% of its annual work time to the elaboration of these Christmas windows?

      1. Wow, I did not know this information… Bergdorf’s windows are an excellent example of success that comes from hard work of skillful people, working inside a propitious professional environment! :-)

  2. Oh I LOVE this post! I was secretly hoping you’d do a post on this and then when you left that lovely comment on my blog, it only reminded me of it. Bergdorfs always have the best windows in New York as far as I’ve seen, and these are simply spectacular!! Can’t decide which I like best – possibly the North Pole party or the underwater scene?

    I adored the Chanel Printemps windows in Paris (you must go again if you get a chance – I loved the Venetian scene the best), and in London it’s always Liberty (quirky and whimsical and detailed, much like the Bergdorf windows only slightly more lo-fi).

    Thank you for sharing!

    Briony xx

    1. Thanks B, so glad you like this post! Isn’t it magical? For me this is exactly what holiday windows should look like.
      If there’s anything you’d like me to write about, please do tell. I’d love to know! ;-) (I have a guest post on fragrance in the works as you suggested once.)

  3. I am in love with these windows – they are so incredibly beautiful. Although my personal decor style is on the simple and streamlined side, these windows make me want to redecorate each room in my house with one of these themes! It must be so amazing to work on this creative team and get to immerse yourself in these dream worlds as part of your day. I must be in the wrong profession ;)

  4. I loved the Bergdorfs windows this winter – I loved the variety and slightly “mad” theme running through them. Reading this post reminded me of our being in NYC for one year. Amazing how quickly time flies but I have enjoyed every minute. You got some very good photos here – and what is this childhood obsession with polar bears all about then?!

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