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Gâteaux Thoumieux: pleasure and chic in patisserie

Gateaux Thoumieux millefeuille fraisier

Dear fellow Sweet Tooth, it is my pleasure to introduce you to a (very) interesting spot to visit in Paris: Gâteaux Thoumieux. The chic patisserie is the new brainchild of Jean-François Piège, chef of the Brasserie Thoumieux and of the 2-Michelin star restaurant Jean-François Piège. Both are located across the street with Hôtel Thoumieux. (The man is also famous in France as a jury member on Top Chef, my TV addiction.) Nestled in the posh 7th arrondissement in a street dominated by the Eiffel Tower, the place has gained a reputation of excellence mixed with creativity among food lovers.

Becs sucrés, vous avez sans aucun doute entendu parler de Gâteaux Thoumieux. La belle pâtisserie est le nouveau projet de Jean-François Piège, chef de la Brasserie Thoumieux et du prestigieux restaurant aux 2 étoiles Michelin Jean-François Piège situés juste en face avec l’Hôtel Thoumieux. (Et nous connaissons bien sûr l’homme en tant que juré sévère – mais juste – de Top Chef.) Au cœur du 7ème arrondissement dans une rue dominée par la Tour Eiffel, le lieu a gagné une réputation d’excellence mêlée à une joyeuse créativité.

Gateaux Thoumieux

The Thoumieux team was kind to invite me to their patisserie after I posted this picture on Instagram on my first visit. I was treated to a sampling of their desserts, allowing me to taste their specialties and novelties.

L’équipe de Thoumieux a eu la gentillesse de m’inviter à une dégustation de gâteaux après ma publication de cette photo sur Instagram. J’ai alors eu le plaisir de découvrir leurs spécialités et nouveautés.

Gateaux Thoumieux Hermitage


Gateaux Thoumieux millefeuille

Le Mille-Feuille

Let me tell you about the French concept of le goûter. Le goûter is the sweet snack French children enjoy when they get home after a long day of school, with the warmth of hot chocolate and fresh baguette to comfort them. As a grown-up, indulging in a patisserie remains a joyful pause in a hectic world. Your senses are engaged in admiring the artfully adorned treat and remembering the pleasure you had as a child in eating cake.

Vous rappelez-vous les goûters de votre enfance ? Après une longue journée à l’école, nous prenions le temps d’une pause gourmande aux sensations réconfortantes : le riche parfum du chocolat chaud, la baguette craquante et les fruits aux notes rafraichissantes et acidulées. Un bonheur simple que je retrouve maintenant avec la pâtisserie en admirant l’esthétique d’un gâteau puis l’association des saveurs et des textures.

Gateaux Thoumieux Chou ChouLa famille Chou-Chou

Gateaux Thoumieux fraises

Le Fraisier and le Sablé breton fraise maras des bois / rhubarbe

Gateaux Thoumieux fraisier

Le Fraisier

Such is the feeling I had when I discovered Gâteaux Thoumieux. Their cakes are delicate pleasures for the eye. Most of them hold a surprise. The praline / hazelnut Chou-Chou is a richly-flavored cream puff filled with another tiny cream puff holding a liquid hazelnut cream. The Fraisier is a lovely strawberry-pistachio cake adorned with a daisy; its candy-like marshmallow brought me back to childhood. (Le Figaro lists it as the the 2nd best fraisier in Paris.) The Sablé breton fraise maras des bois / rhubarbe is a play on textures with a shortbread base, luscious strawberries with rhubarb and a fresh thyme / lemon jelly. The cakes are never overly sugary or overdone: you can really taste the basic ingredients and the cakes are created according to fruit seasonality.

C’est exactement ce sentiment que j’ai éprouvé chez Gâteaux Thoumieux, d’autant plus que leurs pâtisseries recèlent de petites surprises. Le fameux Chou-Chou praliné / noisette est rempli d’un savoureuse crème pralinée au milieu de laquelle trône un autre tout petit chou au cœur coulant noisette. Le Fraisier orné d’une délicate pâquerette est un délice de fraise et de pistache ; sa guimauve m’a ramenée tout droit en enfance. (C’est le 2ème meilleur fraisier de Paris selon Le Figaro.) Le Sablé breton fraise maras des bois / rhubarbe est un jeu de textures entre la base sablée, de succulents morceaux de fraise et rhubarbe et une gelée rafraîchissante au thym et au citron. Les gâteaux ne sont jamais trop sucrés : on sent bien le goût des ingrédients et les créations respectent bien les saisonnalités des fruits.

Gateaux Thoumieux Baba au rhum

Le Baba au rhum

Gateaux Thoumieux Beatrice

Le Béatrice

 Gateaux Thoumieux cheesecake

Le Cheesecake

No need to break the bank to enjoy yourself. To give you an idea, the Chou-Chou and Sablé Citron are both at 4€ and the Mille-Feuille (one of the very best in Paris according to L’Express) at 4,90€.

Nul besoin de vous ruiner pour vous faire plaisir. Pour vous donner une idée, le Chou-Chou et le Sablé Citron sont à 4€ chacun et le Mille-Feuille (l’un des meilleurs de Paris selon L’Express) à 4,90€.

Gateaux Thoumieux sablé citron

Le Sablé breton / crème légère citron

Gateaux Thoumieux Toulousain

Le Toulousain

Gâteaux Thoumieux

58 rue Saint-Dominique Paris 7ème arrondissement

Métro La Tour-Maubourg (line 8) or Invalides (lines 8 and 13, RER C)

Open Monday through Sunday. Closed on Tuesdays.

Opening hours: 10am-8pm. On Sundays: 8.30am-5pm.


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Fight cancer with Tod’s and Fcancer


Fcancer reached out to me to present an exciting event they are organizing with Tod’s. I will leave the signification of the F in Fcancer to your imagination (Fight? F***?). One thing is for sure: the founders of this charity had a genius idea.

Fcancer is an online service that matches people willing to give a certain amount of their time and skills to charities involved in the battle against cancer.

Though most of us have witnessed family and friends deal with cancer, we are not necessarily financially stable enough to make substantial donations. But here’s the thing: we all have skills that are more valuable than ever to charities when budgetary restraints are common. It can be writing, photography, web design, event planning, legal services, fundraising, accounting… By pledging hours and donating your skills, you will be rewarded in knowing that your work benefited a good cause (without breaking the bank). Do have a look at the Fcancer website to learn more on this charity and how you can make a difference.

Fcancer projects

Fcancer volunteers

Fcancer.org screenshots

Founded in November 2012, Fcancer acts as a matchmaker between 1,000 volunteers and 40 cancer charities. None of the parties are charged for their services. Fcancer has helped charities save 21,638 hours of work and estimated savings of $1,298,280 in costs on research, treatment and prevention of cancer. Fcancer’s next goal is to develop the marketing, engineering, design and operations needed to reach the key step of engaging 5,000 volunteers around the world to join the fight.

In order to reach it, Fcancer is raising money in partnership with Tod’s in Paris. 15% of the sales at the Faubourg Saint-Honoré store will benefit Fcancer until May 29th when you mention the charity at the till. I’d like to remind you that it is Mother’s Day on May 25th and that your maman would certainly be proud of you if her present benefited such a good cause.

To help you in your shopping, here is a selection of my favorite Tod’s accessories.

Tod's Fcancer day

Leather sandals €410 (€61 for Fcancer)

D.D.medium bowler bag €1,100 (€165 for Fcancer)

D-Cube micro bowler bag €975 (€146 for Fcancer)

High-top sneakers in leather €355 (€53 for Fcancer)

Tod's Fcancer evening

Suede slippers €315 (€47 for Fcancer)

Signature micro shoulder bag €765 (€114 for Fcancer)

Multi-card wallet in python leather €565 (€84 for Fcancer)

Leather cuff €460 (€69 for Fcancer)

Tod’s 21 rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré Paris 8ème arrondissement

For more information on FCancer: Website Facebook Instagram Twitter Google+ LinkedIn


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