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Paris as seen by Martin Parr at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie

Martin Parr Eiffel Tower

Are you familiar with the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris? Housed in an old building in Le Marais, the museum regularly hosts interesting photography exhibitions (like Karl Lagerfeld’s a few years ago). After disappointing works by David Lynch, the MEP is currently showcasing Martin Parr’s pictures of Paris. The Brit shows us his view of the City of Lights through kitsch lens and about 60 images: the tourists, the Louvre, the snails and the fashion capital of the world.

Connaissez-vous la Maison Européenne de la Photographie à Paris? Dans un bel immeuble ancien du Marais, le musée accueille régulièrement d’intéressantes expos, comme celle de Karl Lagerfeld il y a quelques années. Cette fois-ci, la MEP a donné carte blanche à Martin Parr qui nous donne sa vision de Paris. Avec son objectif kitsch et une soixantaine d’images, le Britannique n’épargne pas la capitale avec ses touristes, le Louvre, ses escargots et la fashion.

Martin Parr Mona Lisa

Martin Parr Louvre

Martin Parr Victoire de Samothrace

Martin Parr maps

Martin Parr Notre Dame de Paris

Martin Parr horse

Martin Parr Carrousel du Louvre

Martin Parr Eiffel Tower Louvre

Every picture made me smile. Some of them made me laugh out loud. And I like how he makes fun of compulsive photographers (even though I belong to the club): we take pictures of everything mildly interesting we come across without fully using our senses and simply enjoying the moment. But then can you blame us for trying to capture the beauty of Paris?

Toutes ces photos m’ont fait sourire. Certaines m’ont carrément fait rire. Et j’aime comment Martin Parr se moque gentiment des photographes compulsifs (dont je fais partie, je l’avoue). On a tendance à sortir son téléphone à tout bout de champ et à voir le monde à travers un écran au lieu de savourer l’instant. Mais peut-on vraiment nous en vouloir d’essayer de capturer la beauté de Paris ?

Martin Parr couture client

Martin Parr fashion show

Martin Parr couture dress

Martin Parr Chanel

If you plan on visiting the exhibition, admittance is free on Wednesday evenings (5-8pm) instead of 8€ the rest of the time. If you really insist on spending your money, head to the nearby Éclair de Génie for a treat. And if you are a fan of Martin Parr, he will be present at the MEP this Wednesday from 4.30pm for a book signing and Q&A (details here).

Si cette expo vous intéresse, sachez que l’entrée à la MEP est gratuite chaque mercredi de 17h à 20h au lieu de 8€ le reste du temps. Si vous tenez vraiment à dépenser votre argent, passez par L’Eclair de Génie tout près pour une pause gourmande. Et si vous êtes fan de Martin Parr, le photographe sera présent au musée ce mercredi pour une séance de dédicace et une rencontre (détails ici).

Martin Parr snailsBon appétit!

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Joel Meyerowitz photography exhibition in Paris


The photography exhibitions at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in Paris are always very popular, drawing a crowd on weekends. The museum showcases works of photographers, famous or not, that allow you to see reality from different perspectives with a great diversity of styles. Such is the case of Joel Meyerowitz, whose retrospective is on show until April 7th. From the beginning of his career in the 1960s, this photographer documented the American way of life with a heavy European influence.


The exhibition started with black and white images of New York City putting forth its raw energy.



Joel Meyerowitz became officially linked to the history of New York City when, in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks, he was the only photographer allowed with unrestricted access to Ground Zero.

Joel Meyerowitz World Trade Center


From the early 1960s, Joel Meyerowitz was an early advocate of color at a time when color photography was not considered a serious art. Doesn’t this seem hard to believe when the treatment of color actually is a form of art in itself?



What I like in these pictures is that Meyerowitz does a sublime work on color and lighting on the most banal landscapes like Edward Hopper did in his paintings. The objects of the pictures are not exceptional, yet if you’ve ever gone on a road trip in the US, they remind you of the excitement you had while travelling towards a certain destination, the unexpected discoveries on the road, the feeling of being in an unknown place outside of your usual comfort zone, the meals in the most mundane places that end up having their dose of charm.


Joel Meyerowitz street


If you ever go to the Maison Européenne de la Photographie located in the Marais, be sure to go for a chic snack afterwards at the nearby L’Eclair de Génie. Also, you might enjoy my post on another exhibition that took place there, Karl Lagerfeld photography exhibition in Paris.



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