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“Roar!” said Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton dinosaur window 6

I am quite fond of Louis Vuitton windows: they never fail to make me smile with their fantasy and humor. So when Style.com wrote that the Champs-Elysées store would unveil its new windows this morning, I decided to go have a look at the dinosaurs.  Their golden hues and the Vuitton pre-fall collection are well-assorted. Vogue Paris published behind the scene pictures here.

This will be quite a LVMH weekend for me as the leading luxury group will open its ateliers to the public in Europe for the Journées Particulières. I will be visiting the bespoke shoes workshop of Berluti and the Dior salons on Sunday, which I am very excited about! I hope I will be able to sneak some pictures to share the adventure with you. In the meantime, have a great weekend!


J’adore les vitrines Vuitton : leur humour fantasque me fait sourire à tous les coups. Alors quand Style.com a annoncé que le magasin des Champs-Elysées dévoilerait sa dernière mise en scène ce matin, j’ai pris le métro pour admirer ces dinosaures. Leurs os dorés se marient bien aux tons de la pré-collection pour l’automne 2013. Vogue Paris a publié sur son site une série de photos sur la création des vitrines.

Ce sera un weekend LVMH pour moi. Dans le cadre des ses Journées Particulières, le géant du luxe ouvre ses portes au public et j’ai eu la chance de pouvoir m’inscrire aux visites des ateliers Berluti et des salons Dior. J’espère pouvoir prendre quelques photos pour partager ces instants avec vous. En attendant, je vous souhaite un excellent weekend !



You may recognize Vuitton’s Alma bag from their Chic on the Bridge campaign.

Les beaux sacs Alma de Louis Vuitton font l’objet d’une champagne Chic on the Bridge en ce moment.






Louis Vuitton dinosaur window 7 Speedy


Vanessa Bruno sequined bags are everywhere in Paris these days so it’s funny to see a luxury brand adopted the trend for this Speedy bag.

Je vois les cabas à paillette Vanessa Bruno partout à Paris en ce moment. C’est marrant de voir qu’une marque de luxe a adopté la tendance pour ce sac Speedy.

Louis Vuitton dinosaur window 5

Louis Vuitton dinosaur window 5 left detail

Louis Vuitton dinosaur window 5 right


It was hard to take pictures of these windows as a people queued in front to get in the store.

C’était difficile de prendre ces vitrines en photo avec la file de gens qui attendaient pour entrer dans le magasin!



The bag named after the city of Deauville

Le sac nommé en hommage à Deauville

Louis Vuitton dinosaur window 3


Today I learned that the Noé bag was originally designed to carry bottles of champagne, which makes me like it even more! Louis Vuitton created a nice video around this design.

Aujourd’hui j’ai appris que le sac Noé servait à l’origine à transporter des bouteilles de champagne. Cette anecdote me fait l’aimer encore plus ! D’ailleurs, Vuitton a créé une vidéo sympa autour de ce modèle.

Louis Vuitton dinosaur window 1

Louis Vuitton dinosaur window 2


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New beginnings

Ines de la Fressange agenda

It’s been a little over 3 months since I’ve moved back to France. My 2-year contract in New York City ended in October and since I was missing the OId World, I decided to look for a new job in Europe. With no real lead in sight, I did the JFK-Charles de Gaulle trip one last time, was chauffeured by Papa Ritournelle to our home in Normandy, opened my inbox and – surprise, surprise – a valued contact from my now-old job was requesting an interview. Long story short, I was very fortunate to find a new position – and a new Parisian life – in a matter of weeks.

Tour Eiffel

So here it is, a new beginning. According to my new boss, my numerology number (5) means that I am in constant need of change and can easily break myself from old situations to start anew. So far, this has proven to be true. I am excited to begin this new adventure – especially in the city of Ladurée.


So what have I been up to? Santa (aka Papa Ritournelle) delivered a new toy (aka the iPhone) for Christmas and it is safe to say I am addicted to Instagram to document my finds. On top of discovering inspiring fun images every day, I love to share all the little things I come across in my new hometown of Paris. You can see the whole collection on my account Ritournelleblog; here is a little peek.

1. Hunting for an apartment in Paris and exploring the city while doing so

Sacré Coeur

Hôtel de Ville Paris

2. Gorging in France’s culinary delights

Macarons Ladurée

Eclair de géniePictures taken at Ladurée and L’Eclair de Génie

(Can you tell I have a sweet tooth?)

 3. Fueling my newborn passion for ballet

Opera BastilleWaiting for Don Quichotte to start at Opéra Bastille

Opera GarnierHeading to a live performance of the Bolshoi Ballet at a cinema near the Opéra Garnier

After catching the Paris Opera Ballet on tour in New York City, I have become obsessed quite interested in this art and waste spend a lot of time watching ballets on Youtube. I’m very excited I’ll head to Opéra Garnier for good later this year, among other things to see a new choreography for which Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci is designing the costumes.

4. Getting my fix of art in general

Musée d'OrsayMusée d’Orsay

Monet Orangerie

Monet’s Water Lilies at the Musée de L’Orangerie – so breathtaking in person

5. Getting my Hermès on

Hermès bracelet KellyA Christmas gift from Maman Ritournelle, who generously replaced the one the TSA at JFK Airport stole from my luggage (I’m still angry.) You may recall it was the topic of my very first blog post.

 Hermès carré Pégase

6. Freezing in a Parisian winter wonderland …

Paris neige Alexandre III

… and warming myself up in a cozy cashmere scarf

Louis Vuitton écharpe

7. Meeting with dear friends from abroad

Plaza Athénée

Tea at the Plaza Athénée with Milla (click here to read her fabulous post on our new tradition)

Sarah Louvre

Meeting my British New-York friend Sarah from Style on the Couch and her talented boyfriend William Williams

Notre Dame de Paris

Catching up with Hannah-Rose from Capture the Castle on a sunny afternoon and hearing all about her amazing trip

(For the record, I don’t hang out with bloggers exclusively.)

I hope 2013 has started well for you too and look forward to sending you blog posts from Paris. I promise I’ll try to be more regular ;-) Bisous!


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